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The following is some helpful information regarding English conservatories:

Conservatory or Sunroom? What is the difference?
The English refer to these magnificent structures as “Conservatories”. Many are steel reinforced PVCu framed structures with pitched roofs, while Americans and Canadians prefer to use the word “sunroom”. A structure built of wood with a roof that is solid and shed-like, is usually referred to as a “sunroom”.

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Sunrooms and conservatories have so many differing characteristics and variations that the possibilities are virtually endless. Blue Diamond Conservatories offer the finest Conservatory Options available and elegant detail in each custom conservatory.

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Each Blue Diamond Conservatory is a unique glass structure specifically designed to suit your way of life. Our specialized glass packages allow the light in while maintaining a comfortable and invigorating atmosphere inside.

The materials used in our custom conservatory design resist corrosion and are not affected by high humidity environments.

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Conservatories - Enjoy The Outdoors, While Being Inside!
Having a sunroom, gives a person the best of both worlds. No matter what time of year it is or what kind of weather, outdoor living can be enjoyed to the fullest extent. Nestled in this room, you can avoid rain, sleet, snow, mosquitoes and other flying "critters", while still feeling the natural light and space provided by your garden and yard. With the installation of a sunroom, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. And for many years to come you will continually use and enjoy it. A sunroom definitely enhances ones lifestyle.

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Before you jump into a new Conservatory, there are a lot of things to be considered. We have put together a chart of frequently asked questions; this should help you make an informed decision.

What is a Conservatory? | What Are Conservatories?

To many the word Conservatory may bring to mind images of a greenhouse, or perhaps even a two or three season sunroom or patio enclosure. However, Blue Diamond™ Conservatories and our expansive Large Span Pool Enclosures are far more than any of these. View Our Conservatories Gallery >>

From magnificent room additions to architecturally monumental living spaces, or expansive pool enclosures, whatever the requirement, let us build the perfect conservatory solution for your lifestyle.


How Much Do Custom Conservatories Cost?
Costs can be determined by many factors. What size, what kind of materials you use, the site. Do you want to customize it or just take one off the drawing board? Contact us for pricing information.

Can Blue Diamond Conservatories Be Purchased Via The Internet?

It’s very simple to send drawings, photos or documents to any place on the globe, electronically. Even if all parties involved are from different countries. Contractors and suppliers plan among themselves to bring together all the pertinent information needed to choose the correct sunroom for a project's particular needs.

Are Building Permits Required When Designing Custom Conservatories?

Depending on regulations of your local building authority, the answer is almost always, yes. In case there are any restrictions with the type or how big your sunroom or conservatory is, its always best to find out first, because it could change your mind.

Building Permit For Conservatories. What’s involved?

You’ll need to submit blueprints with detailed material specifications. Size, style and proximity to other structures are all important determining factors that are considerations by local permitting authorities.

Which Direction Should My Sunroom or Conservatory Face?
You will enjoy your sunroom no matter what direction you choose. But to get the maximum exposure of sunlight, south would be your choice. East gives you sun in the morning, while west gives you afternoon sun. North gives you the least sunshine.

Should My Sunroom or Conservatory Be Heated?

Depending on where you live is a major factor, but should be talked about during the designing stage. But if you desire to get the most out of your conservatory year round the answer is yes.

Will Construction Take Long?

It could be from a couple of weeks to as long as a couple of months. Again, there are many factors to be considered such as the weather and time of year, as well as is your sunrooms custom design. It also depends on the workload of the contractor involved. The length of time to acquire the necessary permits. As anything, the faster you get going and start your sunroom, the more quickly the family will be able to enjoy your conservatories breathtaking atmosphere.

Could I enclose My Pool, Spa Or Weight Room In The Sunroom?

Most definitely yes. You can enjoy your swimming pool everyday of the year. With the absence of flying insects, leaves and all the elements from outside. Not to mention saving money on chemicals and maintenance.

Of course, the greater the width of the conservatory, you will need extra structural support. Usually, most Conservatories will allow you to expand up to twenty feet (6 meters) without additional support. But to enclose a regular size pool, it will need more than six meters, thus calling for more support. This sub-structure will need to be specially secured to the ground, which is usually made of aluminum. Our portal support system is approved and certified by a structural engineer.

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