Blue Diamond Conservatories specializes in the design of Custom Conservatories and Pool Enclosures. Each Conservatory is unique with fine english craftmanship and stunning appeal. Conservatories, Pool Enclosures, Sun Rooms, Skylights and Lanterns, Horticultural Greenhouses, Garden Rooms and Glass Roofs are designed to add natural light and the beauty of nature to your living space. Conservatory Gallery >>
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Conservatories and Sunrooms and Pool Enclosures of Distinction

Throughout Time, the artisans of old Europe have maintained a rich history of elegance and style. Craftsmen reveled in their skills to conjure images of what Europe is today. The history of the English Conservatories is believed to originate from Roman and central European designs constructed as illuminating alternatives to solid walls and roof structures.

A New Line of Sunrooms...
We have created a modular range of Sunrooms that are now available. This new division, provides sunroom designs that are modular with standard pre designed sunroom sizes to provide a cost effective solution for customers who do not require custom sizing.

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Blue Diamond Conservatories had a very informative conservatory and pool enclosure web page to start our research. After initial research online, we set up an interview with Blue Diamond Conservatories. From day one we were impressed with the information and knowledge that was presented about Conservatories." Read More...

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Conservatories are a beautiful and lasting way to add value to your property. A conservatory is the most inviting room in the house. choose from all types of glass packages that suit your climate.

That is why we design every one of our conservatories or Pool enclosures with the precision and careful detail to match existing architecture with the conservatory.

Conservatory or Sunroom...
The English refer to these magnificent structures as “Conservatories”. Conservatories are usually glass framed structures with pitched roofs, In America, many people use the word “sunroom” to describe a conservatory.

Custom Conservatories
At Blue Diamond Conservatories, we offer Conservatories to suit your enviroment. If it is a beautiful wood conservatory or pool enclosure that you desire, our design team can design the conservatory that fits those requirements.

Conservatories - Let Invigorating Light In and Keep The Weather Out

Having a conservatory from Blue Diamond, gives you ultimate comfort no matter what time of year it is. Even in cold weather, you can enjoy the warmth of the sun in your conservatory.

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Conservatories offer inviting comfort through all four seasons summer, winter, spring and fall.
With natural light, a conservatory is a haven to relax while enjoying surrounding gardens of exotic foliage. With the installation of a sunroom or conservatory, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Beautiful Conservatory

Due to the quality and superior materials of Blue Diamond Conservatories, for years to come you will continually use and enjoy your custom conservatory. A conservatory from Blue Diamond enhances the quality of life.

Because a sunroom or conservatory is a large decision financially. Before you jump into anything, there are a lot of things to be considered. We have put together a chart of frequently asked questions; this should help you make an informed decision.

What is a Conservatory?

To many the word Conservatory may bring to mind images of a greenhouse, or perhaps even a two or three season sunroom or patio enclosure.

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However, Blue Diamond Systems™ Conservatories and our expansive large span pool enclosures far more than any of these.

From magnificent room additions to architecturally monumental living spaces, or expansive swimming pool enclosures, whatever the requirement, let us build the perfect conservatory for your lifestyle.

What is the approximate cost of Conservatories?

Cost of a custom conservatory can be determined by many factors. What size, what kind of materials you use for the conservatory, the site, etc. Do you want to customize the conservatory or just take one off the drawing board?
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Your Style...Our Passion
Each Blue Diamond Conservatory is custom designed to your specifications. We start with your conservatory design ideas and develop a design that compliments the existing architecture.

Our team of conservatory design professionals and artists will work with you at each stage of the process from design to installation. 3D Virtual imaging of each conservatory can also be employed during the conservatories design phase to give you an artistic visual of the completed design before the conservatory is even installed!

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Our conservatory product range is perfect for exquisite living spaces and pool enclosures.

Take a moment to look through our conservatories photo galleries to get an idea of some of the ways that a Blue Diamond™ conservatory can beautify your view of the world.

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Each one of our conservatories is a unique, one of a kind sun room. Contact us today to discuss your ideas for your conservatory!

Conservatories Design

Blue Diamond Custom Conservatories
Blue Diamond custom designs each Conservatory to suit your individual situation and style. Many conservatory style options are available, and our professional conservatory sales representatives are ready to help your imagine become a reality.

Some of the finest Conservatories are those that are custom designed. With a conservatory of unique design, your consevatory can be a special place to retreat for relaxation and inspiration.

There are virtually limitless design options and ideas when it comes to adding a conservatory to your home or garden. In the design process it is vital to consider the look of your home and select a design style that will complement existing architectural style. The Victorian conservatory design offers distinctive curb appeal.Available in a five facet design, this style is exudes an elegant and sophisticated look that will add light and beauty to your home addition or swimming pool.

Basic Conservatory Architectural Features >>

A conservatory can be a living space that makes outdoor living a comfortable, year-round activities with friends and family. Conservatories can be an escape from the blistering heat of a summer’s day or conservatories can offer the solitude you desire on a long winter’s night. Conservatories enable you to enjoy a quiet, peaceful breakfast on a mid-summer’s morning while gazing upon the conservatory garden flowers, or entertain guests on a balmy autumn night staring up at the stars... or all of these, and more.

Whether adding conservatories to an existing home, or planned as an integral part of new construction, we create each individual Conservatory not only to reflect architectural and aesthetic requirements of the home, but to complement the lifestyles, interests and tastes of you, the homeowner. So, your new Conservatory is more than an addition to your home. Let your conservatory become an extension of your taste and personality and finally an articulation of your dreams.

Blue Diamond Conservatories install custom designed luxury conservatories built by English craftsmen in our facility and installed in the U.S.

Conservatories for your lifestyle...
Blue Diamond Conservatories product range incorporates Pool Enclosures and Orangeries to complement the Conservatory product line. All Conservatories ( Pool Enclosures, Orangeries or Conservatories) utilize glass roofs that provide superior insulating properties for both hot and cold climates in the North American market.

Let Blue Diamond Conservatories bring your dreams to reality with a custom built English Conservatory or Pool Enclosure designed specifically for your unique lifestyle.

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Constructing Custom Conservatories
Installing a conservatory could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to as long as several months.

Again, there are many factors to be considered such as the weather and timeof year, conservatory building permits, as well as your conservatories custom design requirements.

As anything, the faster you get going and start your Conservatory or Sunroom, the more quickly you will be able to enjoy your conservatory.

An Articulation of your Dreams...
A Custom designed Conservatory or Sunroom, it is whatever you want it to be. An impressive showcase for entertainment or a personal retreat for rest and relaxation. Custom Conservatories Design and Installation
Exquisite Conservatories With Stunning Designs
Blue Diamond together with Architect John Henry AIA
, our conservatories can come alive with riveting ornate detail and elegance.

View Architect John Henry's Dream Home Design >>

Our Conservatories are among the most efficient conservatories in the U.S. Market today. We offer technologically advanced glass packages in each conservatory designed to offer a comfortable year-round living space - in cold or hot temperatures.

Conservatories Picture

Once you approve the design of your custom conservatory, craftsmen at our plant in England manufacture your unique Conservatory. Following completion, our trained technicians in the U.S. will ensure that the installation process is correctly handled, giving you a durable and weather tight Conservatory.

Are Conservatories well suited for Pools and Spas?
Most definitely yes. You can enjoy your swimming pool everyday of the year with a pool enclosure. With the absence of flying insects, leaves and all the elements from outside. Not to mention saving money on chemicals and maintenance.

Of course, the greater the width of the swimming pool enclosure, you will need extra structural support. Usually, most swimming pool enclosures will allow you to expand up to twenty feet (6 meters) without additional support. But to enclose a regular size pool, it will need more than six meters, thus calling for more support. Our portal support system is approved and certified by a structural engineer.

Enjoying the natural light in a conservatory
You will enjoy your conservatory no matter what direction your conservatory faces. But to get the maximum exposure of sunlight in your conservatory, south would be the best choice. East gives you sun in your conservatory in the morning, while west gives you afternoon sun.

What materials are the conservatories constructed with?
The Blue Diamond Conservatory has four basic elements - frames, roof, glazing and portal structural support (where necessary)

  •  Frames - these are made from quality PVCu profile, reinforced with heavy gauge galvanized steel or wood where desired.
  •  Roof - the conservatories roofing components are fabricated from high performance extruded aluminum, and capped inside and out with PVCu profile or wood.
  •  Glazing - each conservatory from Blue Diamond offers the best in class EnviroGlaze™ insulated glass units. Superb insulation, visible light and solar control.

We offer many features to accommodate proper ventilation of each conservatory and pool enclosure from Blue Diamond. Get the comfortable atmosphere for your conservatory all year round.

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Product Glass Features and Benefits >>

What Are Conservatories?

The structure is often referred to as a patio room, solarium, patio enclosure or Florida Room. It can be constructed of brick, breeze block, wood, glass or PVC. The brick or wood base makes up the main support for the PVC, referred to as the "knee wall", which is attached to the top of it. The glass panels are large and often clear instead of frosted. The roof may be of glass panels but is more usually of a plastic material which lets in sunlight.

Quality Conservatories designed in the United States and manufactured in England
If you are interested in getting a quote on a conservatory or pool enclosure click here to contact us regarding conservatories >>

Swimming Pool Enclosures and Relaxing Pool Recreation Areas
You can get the most out of your pool all year round with a pool enclosure. Pool enclosures enclose your pool while maintaining a comfortable environment inside the pool enclosure.

The unique pool enclosure roof system consisting of lightweight structural aluminum can maximize the free space in your pool area.

With a portal integrated into your pool enclosure design it supplies the support necessary to achieve large and complex conservatory designs to span the great distances of your pool with no vertical support beams to clutter the swimming pool area.

That is why our conservatory product range is perfect for swimming pool enclosures.

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Imagine enjoying your pool enclosure in the winter months in ultimate comfort. All of our Pool Enclosures or custom designed to suit each swimming pool application. The materials used in our pool enclosures are impervious to the harmful effects that water and chlorine can have on other types of swimming pool enclosure materials.

Pool Enclosures Photo

Pool Enclosure Performance
Each Blue Diamond Pool Enclosure is a unique glass structure specifically designed to suit your swimming pool enclosure requirements. Our specialized glass packages allow the light in your enclosed pool area while maintaining a comfortable and invigorating atmosphere inside your pool enclosure.

The materials used in our pool enclosures and conservatories resist moisture and chlorine and are not affected by high humidity environments.

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Pool Enclosures Roof

Our pool enclosures feature automated venting in the pool enclosures roof to reduce or even prevent condensation from the high humidity environment.

No Ordinary Pool Cover
Our pool enclosures offer a high quality performance and reliability. Our glass packages for each pool enclosure are the best in class and ensure proper ventilation and visibility.

Whether you need to span a large distance for a pool enclosure or a commercial conservatory project, a Portal structure becomes necessary when one of the following is valid:

  • Height to eaves greater
    than 7'-10"
  • Total pool enclosure roof span greater than 16'-5"
  • The pool enclosures roof style includes a Lantern top
  • Snow loading exceeds 75 lb./sq.ft

Learn more about our pool enclosures glass options >>

English Craftmanship, American Ingenuity
With all of the technology and craftsmanship built into every conservatory or pool enclosure, one factor critical for a truly energy efficient conservatories or pool enclosures, that also provides for a comfortable living environment, is the glass package.

That is why Blue Diamond Conservatories™, in conjunction with other high technology glass component suppliers, has developed one of the most efficient insulated glazing systems for our conservatories and pool enclosures.

Swimming Pool Enclosures Virtual Image

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Illuminating Attention to DetailDecorative glass adds beauty and value to any home. Choose from the many optional styles and colors to beautify your conservatory or pool enclosure. Custom designs are also available for swimming pool enclosures.

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One way to promote a healthy lifestyle is to allow fresh invigorating air to fill your conservatory or swimming pool enclosure while the stagnant air is filtered out.

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